What is a Traditional Cathedral Choir?

What is a Traditional Cathedral Choir and why are they important?

The unique art form that is the ecclesiastical all-male voice choir is a hugely significant part of our heritage with a history stretching back to the Reformation and for centuries beyond.

These choirs came about and were developed to enhance Christian worship in a distinctive, very special way. Thus was created an art form of ecclesiastical choral music written for and performed specifically by men’s and boys’ voices. Widely regarded as spiritual, cultural and musical jewels their unique sound –in particular that of the boy treble and countertenor – spans the centuries with an immediacy that only music can provide.

These choirs have been so valued that previous generations have ensured their survival over many centuries – in some cathedrals for over a millennium-however in recent times a myriad of pressures has seen many of our historic traditional choirs lost.

We exist to support those that remain.